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live blues and rock band los angeles

blues band los angeles

blues band los angeles

Band Bios Nancy & The Nightcrawlers
Blues, R&B, and Rock, Los Angeles, CA

Blues Los Angeles Nancy Nisi, Vocals
I was born in the Midwest and my Mother Jean was my greatest influence. She was a celebrated vocalist in her hometown and encouraged her children to develop our musical talents growing up. I always had a passion for singing and performed in musicals, choral groups and cover bands starting when I was just 5 years old.

My passion for blues started when I bought a Billie Holiday album in High school and performed "Good Morning Heartache" for the senior talent show.... the applause and standing ovation I received got me hooked! I was then was always searching for vocalists and blues albums that moved me, so I could listen and sing along in cars, showers, walking down the street.... Some my favorite Blues teachers are Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, Joe Cocker, BB King, Johnny Winter, John Lee Hooker...just to name a few. I continued to perform in variety bands, and always covered my favorite blues artists, putting my signature on the songs of these great men and women of the Blues.

Currently, I am the lead singer and manager of "Nancy and the Nightcrawlers", I love singing with "My Boys!" They are the most talented and dedicated, not to mentionblues band los angeles the COOLEST musicians I have ever performed with in my life. I am most proud of the power and passion of my performances, I try to feel my audience and we all end up feeling good! I love Rockin' the Blues!

Blues Los Angeles Armando "Big Daddy" Fernandez, Guitar, Vocals
I was born here in Los Angeles in the community of Echo Park and raised in Los Angeles west of Downtown.

As a child, about 8 years old, I first learned to play the piano. My father had an acoustic guitar in our home closet not being used. When I was 10 years old there were after school guitar lessons being offered. I asked my dad for the guitar and I never looked back. When I first discovered the Beatles about the same time when I started the guitar lessons I already had aspirations to perform in a band.

As I was growing up I was always attracted to the Blues before I knew what the blues was. I kind of discovered the Blues when I was 18 years and from that point on I immersed myself for the next 3 decades to learn, to feel, and breath the Blues. There are so many influences to mention, but I would say I've been influenced by all, and not just Blues music, but I love to listen and play different types of music to add variety to my soul. I use all parts of my life to influence my love of music.

What moves me most about playing music is first trying to create something in sound from my imagination. Second, to share this sound with an audience and hope it will move them. I like to always give 110% of myself at all times when I perform in front of either one person or a full room of people at any venue. If you're not giving your all, no matter how your feeling, you should not be playing any music. I loveblues band los angeles performing in our band because I feel free like I'm flying or soaring within the sounds, the music, turning every which way through the air and landing to the cheering and applause of the audience.

Blues Los Angeles Michael Sunday, Bass
As a child, my first influences were all styles of music, because my mother listened to everything: Country, Blues, R&B, even Classical. I started taking bass lessons and fell in love with it and haven't stopped since.

I toured with Peter Tork of "The Monkees" for ten years 1997-2006. And, my first blues band was "Blues Underground," a local band that played all over Southern California. Some of the bands I have played with are "Savor," a Santana tribute band, "Mike Malone and the Soul Collectors" a blues band, "Slavin' David and Loose Gravel," and the Johnny Hawthorn Trio.

blues band los angeles My favorite bassist is Nathan East because of his "Melodic-ism", and some of my other influences are James Jamison, of "Motown Fame", Pino Pallidino and Paul Jackson's funk...

live blues in los angeles

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Nancy & The Nightcrawlers play their brand of Blues, R&B, and Rock -
Plus Classic Traditional Blues and Authentic Rock and R&B favorites.

CONTACT: Email or call (310) 403-6323 for booking info.
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blues and rock band los angeles
Blues, R&B, and Rock. One of Southern California's finest Blues and Rock bands.